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The world's first cryptocurrency for the shipping industry

Ships coin connects the physical and digital worlds of the shipping market from cargo ops to certificates & diplomas to spare parts and more.



Our vision is to create a sustainable & modern shipping industry capitalizing on:

– Decentralized technologies such as the blockchain and NFT’s

– Increased safety and cryptography

– Proper monitoring and reliability


Ships coin will set the new standard for transactions in the maritime industry


Why Choose Crypto? Why Choose Us?

shipping TODAY

$ 0.5 tril. shipping logistics industry

225m containers shipped annually

93,000 vessels afloat

1,650,000 seafarers

ships coin future bitcoin

Ships coins will be connecting the physical side of the business with the digital one


Ships coins will be used as a transactional mean adding value for both sides of the supply chain

shipping OF TOMORROW


seafarers diplomas

cargo & containers certificates


Ships certificates

ships spare parts & equipment

Road map


q1 - Shadow mode: developing of coin tech

Developing of the coin tech fundamentals


q2 - pre/ico of ships coin

We are


q3 - Start Investing in the Future!

When: Perfect timing is NOW!

all cryptocoins are experiencing unprecedent growth and expansion in 2021

ships coins is the first smart token with unilimited potentiaL IN ALL ASPECTS OF THE SHIPPING INDUSTRY

this the first truly decentralized & easy to use coin coMBINING PHYSICAL & DIGITAL APPLICATIONS

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